17 Of The Best Running YouTube Channels

Everyone loves running videos. Especially trail running videos. The tips, the training guides and most importantly, gear & shoes reviews! I’m a bit of a gear nut and always love to see what new gear is coming out. Also seeing some of the locations in theses videos makes me want to travel more and inspires me to do keep on keeping on with my own running. But enough chit chat, here are 17 of the best running YouTube channels. (In no particular order) Enjoy!

Here’s Your Running YouTube Channel List!

1) Ginger Runner – 186K subscribers

Ginger Runner does it all. Gear reviews, outdoor adventure videos, race films, as well as daily & weekly live shows. I love these types of videos because it gives me an insight into the gear he’s been using recently (or not so recently) and why he enjoys that specific piece more so than it’s competitors.

2) kofuzi – 108K subscribers

Mike Ko (AKA Kofuzi) has a bunch of running shoe & running related tech reviews, along with some racing & inspirational videos.

He also has a pretty cool series called “Runner’s Weekend” where he documents his travels as he joins up with running groups and/or running buddies throughout the US.

I’ve embedded the video that basically convinced me to get a GoPro. Although I haven’t filmed with it as much, it showed what all was possible in the realm of running video content production.

3) James Dunne – 209K subscribers

James Dunne has a ton of great injury prevention & workout tips videos. So easy to go down a rabbit hole or two here. The blog on his website also breaks things down pretty well and ties a lot of his videos together. He also offers coaching as well as free and paid training courses there as well.

4) Vo2maxProductions – 221K subscribers

Vo2maxProductions is professional runner, Sage Canaday’s YouTube channel. He’s a beast. His channel has many great running tips, injury prevention, nutrition, some analysis videos as well as vlogs.

5) Running Wild – 90K subscribers

Sandi Nypaver’s of SageRunning.com, has a bunch of running form & other training tips on her channel. I’ve embedded a pretty solid glute activation video below, something that I’ve had to reference a few times myself for my training.

6) This Messy Happy – 40.9K subscribers

This Messy Happy’s channel focuses on tips, training plans, racing and funny lighthearted videos. Ben & Mary are the creators of the channel who describe themselves as “exercise obsessed idiots who want to help others.”

7) iRunFarMedia – 23.7K subscribers

iRunFarMedia covers trails races, interviews runners, reviews gear and more. Their website is loaded with info as well. I also like to follow their Twitter for updates/runner positions on big trail races. They’ll provide picture updates along with commentary on some races. Pretty cool.

8) New Generation Track and Field – 56.7K subscribers

Training and race related videos more aimed towards you guessed it, track and field.

9) Running Warehouse – 51.7K subscribers

Running Warehouse make a bunch of shoe & gear reviews. They have a lot of awesome gear on their website. I visit their site almost weekly to catch up on their New Arrival section, just to keep tabs on new running shoe colors and other releases. They pretty much get all of my online shopping for running gear business.

10) Believe in the Run – 55.8K subscribers

A sweet channel I only recently started following, after finding them on Instagram. They do a ton of shoe and gear videos. Updates, new releases and reviews. They also team up with the above mentioned Kofuzi a lot to collab in videos.

11) Salomon TV – 231K subscribers

Of course they’re focused on the Salomon trail running brand here, but they still produce some awesome videos. Even if Killian Journet went off and did his own thing (aka forming his own brand NNormal). All of their videos give me the urge to travel and go off on crazy adventures. Pretty inspirational.

12) Harry Runs – 76.7K subscribers

Harry Runs channel provides a lot of training, vlogs, tips & nutrition videos. Although he doesn’t have a lot of recent stuff, there’s still a lot of great & inspirational travel videos.

13) Born To Run Coach Eric Orton – 21.2K subscribers

Even though he might not post as frequently as YouTubers. Eric Orton has a very solid backlog of content to catch up on. And being the coach that helped Christopher McDougall get into 100mile shape in the Born To Run book, watching a bunch of his videos should be a given.

Recently he’s been hyping up the release of Born To Run 2, which “is a holistic program for runners of every stripe that centers on seven key themes: food, fitness, form, footwear, focus, fun, and family.” It is set to release December 6, 2022

14) StrengthRunning – 67.5K subscribers

Jason Fitzgerald of StrengthRunning provides a ton of coaching, strength training & race tips. He runs an award-winning blog with even more helpful tips as well as a free e-course for injury prevention.

15) TheRunExperience – 594K subscribers

Another one of my favorite channels. I’ve easily binged a bunch of videos from TheRunExperience. It’s a great channel for injury prevention, workouts, and overall tips. A lot of their videos also feature scenes from San Fransisco as a background, that again, make me want to travel. I’ve never been so who can blame me.

16) Running Shoes Guru – 18.3K subscribers

The Running Shoes Guru provides exactly what you think it should. A bunch of shoe related videos, mostly reviews. Per their About page, they “purchase all the shoes we review at retail, no freebies from companies! Our reviews are independent and unbiased. REAL RUNNERS, REAL REVIEWS!” They must have a pretty impressive collection of running shoes.

17) Jeff Pelletier – 50.5K subscribers

Jeff’s channel focuses a lot on his trail races, along with gear reviews, tips and nutrition for trail running. Visit his blog for more information including his calendar featuring upcoming races along with links to videos and posts of previous races.

Wrapping Up

That concludes my list of the best running YouTube channels (for now at least). I’ll jump in here every once in a while to update or add any channels that I may have missed or started watching. Cheers, and happy running!