6 Of The Best Sources For Trail Running News

When it comes to trail running updates and race coverage, there are a few key sources that stand out above the rest. Here are six of the best trail running news sources:

1) Trail Runner Magazine:

This magazine (now online only) has been around since 1999 and is packed with trail running news, race reports, training tips and more.

I used to get these as a physical magazine subscription to scope out the latest gear, read inspiring articles and become more motivated to get out and run when looking at the awesome pictures.

The magazine began shifting away from its physical print form earlier this year.

However, Trail Runner Magazine is part of the Outside Plus program. So you treat it as a digital magazine subscription. Sign up to receive their premium award-winning content, movies & TV shows, expert courses & more!

2) iRunFar

Another favorite trail running news source of mine. And besides news, they do a lot of pre & post race content and interviews. As well as some gear reviews and training tips/guides.

They also have a very active Twitter account. Especially on race day. They’ll post a bunch of pics, videos, runner’s positions as well as post race content. Check out their YouTube account as well.

3) American Trail Running Association

A Colorado based nonprofit since 1996, ATRA supports the trail runner community by providing race info, training tips and gear reviews. They’ve got a pretty massive listing on their race calendar and their “Find A Race” search bar makes it easy to track down one that fits whatever you’re looking for.

ATRA also has a very active Twitter account and will post to their YouTube often as well.

4) Ultra Running Magazine

Serving the Ultra Running community since 1981, Ultra Running Magazine offers up expert advice from coaches, medical experts and elite athletes, as well as in-depth coverage of ultra events in North America.

A subscription gives you 8 printed issues of the magazine as well as access of past magazines in digital format. Also includes training plans, a 12 month training wall calendar, and discounts off of their favorite brands.

5) Run247

Run247 focuses on global news and race coverage in the trail running world. They’ve got some gear reviews, but that section doesn’t seem to be as updated as their race coverage/new section.

6) UltraRunnerPodcast.com

Their podcast, of course, is their bread and butter. Featuring “elite runners, veterans, wacky characters, and a variety of qualified experts to discuss everything necessary to be successful on the trail.”

Give them a listen on Spotify, ApplePodcasts, Stitcher and more. URP also posts pretty regularly on their Twitter account, so check them out there as well.