My Current Gear Wishlist – Things To Spend Money On

The bad thing about being obsessed with gear is that there’s always cool stuff being released. Or something that I just found out about. Or I discovered it a long time ago but I still haven’t broken down to get it yet.

I have a running list. And it’s growing every month or so.

Check it out, maybe something listed here on my gear wishlist will help you fill a need of yours. Or at least make a great Christmas gift for that special someone.

Hat from Territory Run Co

Territory Run Co was a classic Instagram Ad story. Got hit with some trail-running gear ads because I’m already clicking on a bunch of other trail-running gear ads. And once I clicked on the first one from this company, I was saved to their ReTargeting list.

So I’m still seeing these ads…but I haven’t gotten anything from them yet.

Yet being the keyword there. It’ll come. Soon the Long Haul Cap will be mine.

3400 WINDRIDER BackpackHyperlite Mountain Gear

The first of a few items from Hyperlite Mountain Gear. This is another ad-related discovery but really I see their brand everywhere on the Appalachian Trail.

Especially their backpacks. They’re so lightweight and simple with a great build.

I currently have two hiking backpacks. A 33L is my main 3-season bag when the trip needs under 4 days of food and then a 65L for winter camping and really long trips where I need a bunch of food. The 65L was my first hiking bag so it’s pretty beaten up and is falling apart but I don’t camp in the winter as much as any other time.

So it’s not something I’m in rush to replace.

But when I do you can be sure it’s gonna be this pack or maybe even their new Unbound 40 backpack. We’ll see.

Camelback Ultra Running Belt

This has been on my list since seeing it on The Ginger Runner’s 2021 Running Gear Of The Year YouTube video. Might be a little harder to track down nowadays. The link I initially had saved from Runningwarehouse is down now but I was able to track it down on Camelback’s page.

I’ve got a few hydration packs but also typically run shirtless, sometimes those rub so I figured a belt would be a great fix for that.

Almond Pesto & Mushroom Ragu Farfalle – Gastro Gnome Meal

Love me some pesto and mushrooms! And while I do not often bring a stove out on my camping trips I can still have some of these on reserve. Their Spicy Red Chicken Pozole is a close second. Both look so good!

CAMERA POD LargeHyperlite Mountain Gear

As a landscape photographer, my camera comes with me hiking about 90% of the time. I’ll often just stash the camera in my backpack and hand-carry it when I need it. Or only bring it out when stationed up the top of a mountain for the views.

Here recently I did pick up the Peak Design Capture Clip and have used that a bunch. But eventually, I know I’ll want more protection from the elements. So that’s where this guy will come in. Maybe I’ll get it once I get the pack as well. Nice little one-two punch.

SEAMLESS DOWN HUGGER 800 #1 – Montbell

I’ve been loving my Montbell DOWN HUGGER 650 #5 40-degree summer bag since I got it back in 2013. And although I do currently own a sleeping bag. It’s a synthetic long sleeping bag so it’s huge and takes up a very large chunk of my 65L bag.

So I can’t even use my 33L backpack when hiking in the colder months. Upgrading my winter bag to this one will help keep me from needing that large 65L pack.

Alpaca Fleece Hoodie – Appalachian Gear Company

This is a pure wishlist item as I’ve already got a good amount of cold gear apparel and hoodies. I am a huge fan of merino wool but haven’t tried alpaca yet as an insulation layer. Might start off with one of their beanies, then work my way up to the hoodie!

Retro Tee Mustard – Roam & Run Co

I’m normally a navy blue or grey kinda guy. But every once in a while I like to step out of my comfort zone and get a brightly colored piece of clothing or gear. This one definitely fits that bill.

Roam & Run Co was another Facebook/IG ad find, but I really like the design and aesthetic of their gear. They’ve got a lot of sweet-looking hats. If I didn’t already have so many hats I grab one of theirs along with this shirt.

I’ve already added this to my Xmas list for 2022 so I’m thinking I’ll be able to check this off my wishlist here soon.

Keep Virginia Cozy Gear

Keep Virginia Cozy is a local Richmond VA based company that’s doing awesome things to do exactly what their names suggest. Keep VA cozy.

They host litter cleanups throughout the state; in parks, mountains, highways, byways, etc. Along with a handful of other events and outings geared toward protecting the wilderness and inspiring others to do the same.

I’ve been wanting some of their gear to show some love and support. I’ll be out at one of their cleanups this upcoming weekend taking some pictures for them. Maybe I’ll share some here!